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2 day professional photography course, class,workshop in Singapore with John Arifin

Review & testimonial of photography course, class and workshop in Singapore

Proven SIMPLE and EASY way to improve your photography in the 2 day photography course and workshop in Singapore. Here are reviews and testimonials by participants.

Objectives of review & testimonial for photography course in Singapore:

  • We always encourage participants to write their reviews and testimonials so that others may benefit from their experience.
  • All reviews and testimonials are voluntery.
  • We appreciate all the valuable feedback and comments from various classes.

Here are the consolidated summaries of their testimonials and reviews.

Photography course, class, workshop Singapore

1) We asked "How was the photography class?"

  • The explanations and instructions that John provided were simple and easy to follow.

  • John has made a technically difficult subject into something very simple.

  • John's teaching is great because it does not follow the conventional teaching method.

  • John was patient, professional, and quick to answer the million questions I had, and the result was one of those rare occasions when you actually learn something important and useful in a very short span of time.

  • John has a great way of explaining the complicated and technical side of the subject into a clear and easy way of understanding it.

  • Your 3 days workshop solves my 10 years dilemma in photography.

  • The class and workshop were very informative and well-organized.

  • I wasn't expecting to learn so much in just 2 days; explanations were clear and simple. I got great value out of it.

  • I ploughed through two photography books not really understanding what I was doing but now I can use them as reference books.

  • I had previously attended a Basic Photography Course elsewhere but after completing it found I still did not have a clear understanding of the basics of photography and found it all rather confusing until I attended yours...

2) How was the class conducted?

  • His usage of technical terms is minimal.

  • He gives short, crisp explanations in a simple manner that you will understand and remember for a long time.

  • He is forthcoming to take any questions at any point of time.

  • I was able to grasp some difficult concepts and even some shots that I thought I would never be able to take.

  • John made things so simple and he gave me the confidence.

  • I took both the Beginner and Intermediate classes consecutively to consolidate what I learnt

  • I no longer feel intimidated by my camera. Learning from John has given me the confidence to go out there to take a few shots, make mistakes, and try again.

3) How had the photography workshop helped ?

  • John is highly experienced, open, friendly and helpful with lots of patience.
    the classes helped me hit the ground running. They helped me appreciate the main elements of photography and get started with both thought and action.

  • John explained it all in a way that made it much more understandable and helped to build a foundation

  • You really have a special ability to take complex and technical detail and explained them in such a simple form ... and there is your patience too

  • Your workshop was easy to understand and I could instantly apply the theory when I pick up my SLR camera.

  • I am thoroughly enjoying every moment of fulfilling my dream! Many thanks John for helping me get this journey started.

  • I have no words to thank you for the way you opened up my skills with your coaching.

  • This course is not just a teach-and-learn experience but the beginning of a journey for me to explore the fascinating world of photography

  • Thanks again for another inspirational weekend. I've come away with a wealth of new knowledge and am confident enough to go out there in the field and get shooting.

  • It was really terrific. I never thought that I could get my exposure skills to this kind of level in just a couple of days

  • I got the empowerment, in that I am now better able to translate my artistic ideas into technical specifications on the camera to produce results.

4) How was the coaching for non-beginners like you?

  • I have a good deal of experience as a photographer but John was able to adapt his instruction and expertise to my own levels.

  • I had 8 years of experience. I had learnt at least 3 things I never knew in the last 8 years. I wished I could turn back the clock and attended your class 8 years ago.

  • I have learnt many new things & I also feel that the bits & pieces of information that I have had are falling into places.

  • For many years I have been learning photography through Youtube. Recently, I attended John's 2 day basic photography class in Singapore. I learned a lot from two day class in small group. John explained the concepts well in simple language using many examples.

  • You have a special way of explaining complicated subjects. You had a class of students with very different levels of photography experience but you still managed to keep the attention of the seasoned students without losing the beginners.

  • I felt the course had improved me TECHNICALLY to take better photos.

  • I can't believe the difference it has made to my pictures, I now have a much better understand of exposure and composition, two key elements of a great picture

  • I am particularly impressed by your ability to simplify difficult technical concepts into easily digestible pieces of information.

  • John was confident in answering our many questions simply because he has extensive knowledge and experience in photography. He answer every question. It is difficult to find in Singapore, experts who can also impart and communicate their teachings well.

You can read more details below by different individuals. Maximum learning in photography in 2 days in Singapore.

photography workshop singapore

Quick Fact about the 2 day photography course in Singapore by Nature @ Work.

  • Nature@Work was established in 2002.

  • Participants came from as far as Alaska, Japan, Kazakhstan, India, Sri Lanka, UK, Western Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and Malaysia. It has made our class very international, colorful and enjoyable.

  • Clients include;

  • Prada


    National Parks Board

    Nat-Steel Singapore,

    Rotary Club Singapore,

    Phillips Consumer Electronics,

    Singapore Armforce,

    Singapore HDB (Housing Development Board),

    Sentosa Island Resort,

    Singapore Zoological Garden,

    NTU (Nanyang Technological University),

    MDIS, Singapore,

    World Vision International Regional Tsunami Response Team,

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